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    RAISING PETER, Chapter Three( The secret is out)*************************************************************************************************************This a total work of fiction.The story includes incest bi-sexual and group sex among other things. If you are offended with these subjects, this is not the story for you.If you’re reading just tomake smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there.I just do the best I can and try to improve with each story.To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice.*************************************************************************************************************“PETER BISHOP, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN BED WITH WIYH MY DAUGHTER”My eyes popped open.It took a second to realize where I was.Then it hit me that was Susan’s voice, her very angry voice. I raised up on my elbow and looked toward the doorway.Susan was standing there, hands on her hips and a very upset look on herface.I looked down to see the three of us laying in the bed , nakedand my cock still buried in Kay’s ass.“WELL, YOUNG MAN, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOUR SELF?”I could feel my mouth moving but nothing was coming out. Then I heard Kay giggling and James propped up on his elbow, trying to rub the sleep out of hiseyes.Susan walked closer to the bed, “I’M WAITING MR. BISHOP, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS SHAMEFUL THINK YOU HAVE DONE?”My heart was pounding , my mouth was dry and I couldn’tspeak a single word.I just knew Susan was going to kill me.“Stop it Mom, you’re scaring the hell out of Pete.When I looked back at Susan, she was smiling. “You kids made a lot of noise last night.It was all I could do to keep your Dad from coming down hereI had to use all three holes to get him settled down enough to go to sleep.He’s already gone to the office but he did slip down here and check on you before he left.Kay pushed her ass back my semi-erection, “It was great Mom, Pete is a real natural.The three of us had a really hot time.“Greathoney, you and James go get your showers and let me talk with Pete a few minutes.”James rolled out of bed and headed toward his bathroom.Kay moved forward, letting my cum coated cock slip out of her tight ass.Susan walked closer to the bed, looking down at me laying there, naked and my wet cock at about half mast.She turned and looked at Kay as she walked past her, on the way to her bathroom.“Give yourself another enamel while you’re at it, you have cum running out of your ass and down your leg” Susansaid.Kay giggled, “Yes, Mother Dear, not a problem, I can get more of the same later.”Susan was wearing a light blue silk robe with a belt tied around the waist.It was opened enough to show a little cleavagesand come about half way down her thighs.I was very embarrassed laying there, naked and half hard but I couldn’t help but give Susan a lusty look.She smiled and set down on the edgeof the bed..She brushed my cheek with the back on her hand, “So Pete, you had sex with my SON and DAUGHTER. I suppose there were a lot of first time adventures for you.”“Yes ma’am, a lot of new things for me.”“I guess you’re ashamed of your new neighbors?”“No ma’am, I think it’s its great, it’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me.”“Are you telling me that would do all this again if you had the chance.”I smiled, “Yes ma’am, I sure would.”“Pete, do you have anyidea what is going on here with this family?”“Yes, I think I do.I could be wrong and if I am I hope you will forgive but I think you and your family believe in what is sometimes called Family Love or Open Family or sometimes called Open Sexual Families.”Susan just set and stared at me for a few seconds, then asked, “How is it that you know so much about all this.”I thought about it before I answered.I was wondering if I would be betraying Mrs. Molly by answering Susan’s question.“Mrs. Molly told me about it when I called her.”“How would Mrs. Molly know about suck things?Because that’s the way she and her husband raised their family.”However, during the time I stayed with her, she never told me anything about that.Even though she was very honest and open with me, we never had any sexual contact.”“Do you think that was because of the difference in your ages,”I laughed at that question, “No, I don’t think the age difference would have mattered.It was because I was not blood kin and she and her children decided they didn’t have the right to make that decision..”“I assume you talked to her about us, what did she have to say?”“She said you sound like a nice family and from what I had told her she thought you may believe in familylove.She also told me that you may be consideringallowing me to become part of your sexual family.If that was the case and I accepted, she wanted me to know that it would be a secret and it would be one that I would have to keep forever.That it would mean you trusted me a lot and I should never betray you..”“Let me get this straight, you know about family ses and think it’s okay.You don’t think a difference in age would bother you and if we all agreed to take you into our little circle, we could trust you with our secret, is that right?”I smiled as I nodded.“You know Alex and I are as old as you own Mom and Dad and you’re telling me you would enjoy having sex with us?”“Of course I would, you’re a mature version of Kay and I’m…ah..ah..in …well I’m”Suzan stopped me, “Yes, she has already told us she thought she might be falling for you.That’s fine, we expect both of you to be sensible and not do anything stupid.If you decide it is more than just good sex and not just a flash in the pan, there will be a time to talk about marriage, children and things like that later.Now back to the original question.You wouldn’t think it odd to havesex with someone our age?”“No Susan, it would be very exciting and I would be honored that you would permit me to have sex with you..”“What would you do if I started sucking your cock right now?”I smiled, “If that did happen then I would try to fondle your great looking tits andtry my best to suck your pussy and tongue your asshole until you cum.”Susan was smiling and licking her lips as she untied the belt around her waist, letting the rob slip off her shoulders and fall onto he bed.She rolled over and straddle me, with her head between my legs.I looked up to see an almost clean shaven pussy.There was one little “V” strip of very close trimmed pubic hair just above the top of her pussy “Her lips were a little fuller than Kay’s and I could see two little inner lips hanging down just the lease bit.I pulled her hips down a little until I could touch the two little tabs and began to flick my tongue back and forth over them.Then I heard Susan moan a little as I sucked them both into my mouth.I could taste her pussy now.It was a stronger taste, not a bad taste, just stronger.I stopped sucking and inhaled quickly as I felt Susan sucking my cock to the back of her mouth and down into her throat.I may have cum a little then, I was so excited that I was not sure if I did or now.She was doing things to my cock with her mouth andthroat that made me know I couldn’t last long.. I used my thumbs to pull her lips apart and I noticed the inside of her pussy was a little darker pink than Kay’s.I started at the very top of her pussy and licked and sucked down across her clit, licked down through her pussy, then up and around her little rosebud.I coated her ass good with my wet tongue, then pushed the tip of my tongue against her hole. She pushed back a little and my tongue slipped up into her asshole.I loved what we were doing but I wanted more control, so I took a firm hold of her hips and rolled her over.She knew what I was trying to do, so she rolled with me.Once I was on top she pulled my hips down until my cock was buried as deep as it would go in her mouth and throat.I started to push two fingers into her pussy.One of my other fingers brushed across her asshole for just an instant, causing her to jerk and let out a little moan.I thought, “What the hell, I might as well try it.”I wet my little and ring finger then lined them up so I could push two fingers into her pussy and two into her asshole at the same time.I put my mouth over her clit andstarted sucking and licking on it. Susanstarted bucking her hips in rhythm with my fingers and tongue.I could feel my fingers getting wetter and wetter.I would dip down from time totime andquicklylick of her warm pussy juice off my fingers.I was doing all I could to keep from shoot my load of cum down Susan‘s throat.I was doing fairly well controllingit until someone started suckingmy balls. I knew it was just a matter of seconds before I dumped my load., Susan let a very loud moan, pushed her hips hard against my mouth and I felt her whole body start to quiver.She flooded my mouth and face with her hot woman juice.I couldn‘t hold back any longer.I started to cumlike a river, flowing straight down her throat and into her stomachwe were both at our peak and pushing to derive as much sexual pleasure as possible for our orgasm. Both our bodies were wet with sweat and we were struggling to catch our breath.Susan still had my cock in her mouthand someone was still sucking on one of my balls.Suddenly, the suckingstopped and I heard Kay say, “I told you he had a nice cock, he really cum‘s a lot don‘t he Mon.”I felt Susan nod her head.Susan continued to suck and nibble on my cock while Kay started sucking on my other ball.I was lightly licking and sucking Susan clit while I wiggled my fingers back and for the in her ass and pussy.It wasn‘t long before the attention of the two talented mouths on my cock and balls took effect and I was rock hard again.I could hear Mother and Daughter whispering and giggling from time to time but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about.Then Susan pulled her pussy and ass away from my mouth and fingers.She let my hard cock slide out of her mouth then moved up and straddled me.Kay had moved around and was kneeling beside her Mom. Susan wrapper her hand around my cock and started guiding it toward her waiting pussy.My mind was racing, with all kinds of thoughts going through my head.I looked over at Kay’s smiling face as she closely watched what her Mom was about to do.I was about to get my first piece of pussy and I should be thrilled beyond words but I wasn’t.Just as Susan was about to slip the head of my cock into her hot pussy, I reached up and placed my hands on her hips, “STOP,STOP PLEASE!! I’m sorry Susan but I need to wait.”At first she looked confuse, then angry. Kay looked at with a confused look on her face.I was looking back at her, with a smile on my face.Finely the light come on for Kay and she started smiling.“Its okay Mom, he’ll be fine.” Susanlooked at me then at Kay.When she looked back at me, our eyes met and she smiled as a tear trickled down her cheek.Susan moved over andknelt beside Kay then lean down and gently kissed me on the lips, “You’re a good man Peter Bishop and I love you for it.”Irealized that I was getting the most sex I had ever had and I realized that I wanted to wait for Kay and that hers would be the first pussy my cock would enter.“Poor baby, just look at the hard cock, we can’t leave this young man in this condition can we Kay?”Susan moved over to my left side she bent down and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and started licking her tongue around my throbbing head.Kay used her lips and tongue to lick and suck up and down my shaft.Susan started taking more and more of my cock into her mouth.As she moved further down my shaft, Kay did the same and soon she was licking and sucking at the base of my cock and down onto my scrotum.As Susan pushed my cock into her throat, Kay sucked one of my balls back into her mouth.I knew it wouldn’t be long before this talented Mother and Daughter team would be draining me again.I heard a noise by the bathroom door.I looked over to see James leaning against the doorway, fingering his asshole and pumping his cock with quick hard stroked.I motioned for him to come over to me.He was almost running as he crossed to the bed.I motioned for him to get on the bed and as he move up next to me, I moved his hand out of the way and pullrf his cock into my mouth.I lick his cock until it was dripping wet with my spit, then I sucked it into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down.I felt his cock hit the back of my mouth. I pulled back and the next time down I pushed the head of his cock past my mouth and into my throat.I started gagging so I pulled back.Then tried it again.This time I held him there,even though my gagging was trying to push him back out.“Breath deep through your nose, that‘ll help with the gagging“ James said.I pulled back a little until I stopped gagging, opened my mouth a little wider, started breathing heavy through my nose thenmoving his cock back down my throat again.I could feel my throat open up as his cock slipped in until I could feel his pubic hair against my lipsI had to fight the urge to gag some but I was starting to enjoy his cock sliding in and out of my throat while his Mom and sister was making love to my cock and balls.James and I were both getting close.He told me to swallow each time he pushed his cock into my throat.I realized this was causing my throat muscles to massage the head of his hard cock. About three or four time of this and I could feel his head getting bigger.Then he empted his load straight down my throat and into my stomach.That was all it took to push me over the edge and I filed Susan’s mouth with my hot cum.Both our cocks started to soften.I let James slip out of my mouth just as I felt my cock slip out of Susan’s mouth.Kay let my nut slip out of her mouth and I looked downtoward them.I saw Kay and Susan were locked in a passionate kiss.I could see a little trickle of my cum running down the side of Kay’s mouth.I rolled over and crawled up to next to Kay.I got up on my knees, leaned over and licked the small line of cum offthe side of her mouth.The two never broke their kiss, they only turned their heads toward me a little and I pushed my tongue between their lips.I could taste my own cum as each of them pushed their tongues against mine.When we broke the kiss Susan asked me if I was uncomfortable with anything that we had dome so far.I quickly thought over everything I had experienced since first met the Morgan family.I could only smile at the thoughts.“To my surprise, I’m very comfortable and excited about it all.I understand the needto keep it private and a secretbut I would love to be a part of all of this.”“If I told you, from this day on you would be free to indulge any sexual activity with any or all the members ofour family, could you keep it a secret, even from your Mom and Dad?”“Yes Susan I love you all too much to ever betray you and it would be very stupid on my part.As for what I would want to do, all I know is what I have experienced with you three. Would it be alright with you if I just put myself in your hands and try anything you suggest?” Susan smiled, “I think that would be a lot of fun.Just keep in mind Pete, we can get really crazy from time to time so if anything comes up you don’t like,just tell us so and it will not happen.We have things to do in the bathroom now, so we need to get started.”When we entered the bathroom I noticed the towels spread out on the floor andwondered why they were there.Kay asked me if l liked fucking her ass.“Yes, of course I did, I’ve enjoyed everything that has happened since I first met you and your family.”“How would you feel about fucking James”I laughed, “Well, we’ve done about everything else, so I guess I would enjoy that too.”“Good, and how would you feel about James or Dad fucking you?”I thought for a second before I answered,“Kay, as I told you to began with, I had no sexual experience with other people.I trust all of you and I’m willing to try anything you want to do.”Susan and Kay both smiled then Kay told me to get down on all fours on the towels spread out on the floor then fold my arms in front of me and lay my head on my arms, leaving my ass in the air.Susan ask if I knew what an enema was.I told her I did but I had never had one.She explained that it was every important to keep your body very clean, including your asshole. Kay took a large plastic cylinder from under the sink cabined.She filled it with warm soapy water as Susan told me that Kay was going to give me a couple of enemas to clean me out.Then they would start getting my asshole ready for some cock action.Kay screwed a small penis looking tip on the tube, coated it and my asshole with a very slick lube.When Kay firstpushed the little penis into my asshole it felt good,大狼拘与少妇牲交全过程 Then she started pushing the plunger, pushing the water deep into my gut.My stomach started cramping and it became very uncomfortable.Susan started massaging my stomach and back.That helped a lot and the cramping was not as bad.As soon as the first tube was empty, Susan told us she and James would go take their showers and dress while we finished up.Kay had me hold the water for as long as I could then helped me make it to the toilet.As everything started gushing out Kay started laughing as she sprayed a deodorizer around the room, “Peter Bishop, you’re so full of shit.I was very embarrassed but had to laugh also because she was telling the truth.She had everything preparedby the time I was ready to get off the toilet.The second round went much better and Kay had a warm shower waiting by the time I was ready.Kay and I were playing and fondling each other while we were sharing our shower.Suddenly, she put her arms around my neck and asked in a very soft voice, “Will you hold me Pete, just put your arms around me and hold me close.I put my arms around her waist and pulled her chose.Even though our naked bodies were pressed together, it wasn’t sex on my mind at the time.It was the strange feeling I got when I looked deep into her eyesand the tenderness I felt when she kissed me tenderly in the lips.“You know we have to be very careful and not do anything stupid.”I knew she wasn’t talking about the sex but the feeling I was sure we both had in our hearts.I nodded and kissed her softly and pulled her even tighter to me.“Okay, enough time fooling around, get your young asses out of the shower and dry off.We have places togo and things to do“ Susan said as she and James walked back into the bathroom.They were both dressed and ready to go.Susan motioned for me to come over to the vanity.She took a box out of the drawerand opened it, showing me the threeblack, hard rubber items inside.She explained that they were sex toys called butt plugs.When they were embedded in you anal passage, they would stay there until it was pulled out.Kay told me to lean over the table so she could put some lube on my butt hole so the plug would slide in easier.As she applied the lube to my asshole she told her Mom that they shoulduse the middle sized one on me because I could already take two fingers up my ass.It was about six inches long and about two inched around.It looked too large to be shoved up my asshole without a lot of painKay pulled on one ass cheek and James on the other one as Susan put the small tip of the plug against my tight little rosebud.I could feel my sphincter expand as Susan pushed the toy deeper and deeper into my very sensitive anal passageWhen the toy was almost all the way in, there was a little discomfort but there was still mort pleasure than pain.Then I felt mysphinctertighten back around the tapered section at the end of the plug and the flat part was tight against my little puckered hole,Once the plug was in place Susan slapped me on the ass, told me to stand , go to the bedroom and dress.I walked over to James’ bedroom.I found a pair of jeans and a dark blue golf shirt neatly laid out on the end of the bed. I quickly dressed and mat Susan and James in the den..Kay joined us shortly, she was dressed in as pair of dungareeshort and a red tank top.She had her hair up in a ponytail. Simple, comfortable andso alluring it made my heart skip a beat just looking at her.We loaded in the car and headed to the mall.School supplies was first on the list, then we shopped fora few school cloths for the three of us.We stopped by the food court and had a burger.Susan asked me if it would bother me if we went to the store where my Mom worked.I told her it would be fine, that it did bother me a little and I would explained it all later, I thought they would understand it better after we left the store.When we walked into the women’s department one of the ladies greeted us and when she saw me she told us my Mother had stepped to the stockroom for just a moment and would be right back.When Mom first walked out of the stock room, our eyes met and I saw a frown on her face.As soon as Susan and Kay turned to face her, that bight, professional smile lit up her face.“Helloneighbors, so good to see you.I do hope there is something I can help you with.Peter, I hope you’ve not been a bother to these nice people.”Before I could respond, Susan spoke up, “Heavens no, Pete has been absolutely wonderful.He has helped get things in place at home, showed us around the mall and when I mentioned women’s dress cloth, he told me if we wanted to deal with the best in town, we would need to come see you.”Outside, I just had a little smile on my face.Inside, I was laughing my ass off as I thought, “Mon, you’ve met your match in this lady, she can see right through your bullshit.”Susan told Mom they were looking for something dressy, maybe an evening dress.She said Kay’s birthday was coming up soon and “WE” were going to takeher out to Rivers Edge, our only five stare restaurant in our area.The three of them looked through the dresses until they found a style they both liked.It was a Ralph Lauren, evening dress with a scooped neck line and Kevina cap sleeves. We all walked over by the dressing room and I noticed the surprise look on Mom’s face when Susan and Kay went in the same dressing room.Susan was the first one to step out.James and I inhaled quickly when we saw Susan.I glanced over at Mom to see her reaction. Now, I was surprised, Mom looked a little pale, her mouth was dropped open and her eyes were glued to every move Susan made.The dress had a slit down the side and you could see Susan’s leg about half way up her thigh.She walked over closer to us, raised her arms up a little above her head and slowly turned around.“So, what do you think, does it look okay” she asked, as she stopped turning and was facing Mom.I watched as Mom slowly raised her hand and for a second I though she was going to put her hand on Susan’s breast.Then Mom caught herself, forced a weak smile and pointed a finger to the neckline of the dress, “With this neckline the dress will look good with or without jewelry.”Susan reaches out and took Mom’s hand, “Yes it will, Pete was so right, you are the lady to see if you want it done right,”Just then the door opened again and Kay stepped out.She had let beautiful blond hair down and let it fall about her shoulders.Her dress fit her just as well as Susan’s.As good as she looked I knew my mind should be filled with wild, sexual thoughts.That wasn’t the case, all I could think about was at only fourteen years old, how could I be so sure this was the person I was in love with, wanted to spend the rest of my life with and knew it was only a matter of time before she would be my wife.When our eyes meet, I knew the feeling was mutual.As we were leaving the mall, we were walking across to parking lot when I started to tell Susan why I didn’t like to be around Mom when she was at work.Susan stopped me, put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to her, “Honey, you don’t have to say anything, I’m not sure what’s going on with her but I can tell you she’s living a lie.”James laughed, Mom, I’m telling you, that woman has fire in the furnace.Pete I thank your Mother just needs a good fucking,”I couldn’t help but laugh at his comment, “My Mom is the most non-sexual person I have ever known.”Susan hugged me to her again and smiled like she knew something I didn’t know.Next stop was the office where we meet the two young women who would be working with Alex and Susan.Margie was the older of the two.She was mid twenties, about 5’ 5” tall, a little of her heavy side with a lovely smiling face that could brighten your darkest day.She had been married for about two years and worked for Mr. Webber (the previous owner) for about three years.Janna was a year or two younger, about 5‘ 7“ and very slender.She appeared to be very neatand well organized.She was single and had worked for Mr. Webber about two years.Both womenseemed to be a little uneasy about meeting the family but it didn‘t take but just a few minutes of Susan‘s charm to put them at ease.Margie told us Mr. Morgan was working in his office while they were integrating the client files.Susan looked around the outer office, smiled, “I didn’t know Alex’s father was working here.”Both of the women looked a little puzzled we all started laughing.He’s Alex, I’m Susan, this is our daughter Kay, our son James and our neighbor and very good friend Pete.We’re a team, that’s the way we like to do business and we hope that works for you.Alex walked in just as Susan was telling Margie and Janna that the three of us would also be doing some work for the company and we would all appreciate any help the two women could give us. Alex ask Kay, James and me if we would give Susan a hand in her office and asked Margie to call her husband, Mike and have him meet us at the pizza parlor about 6 PM.We were all very busy but everything was very friendly and lighthearted.I was surprised when Margie and Janna both told me they had seen me around town for years and thought I was Mrs. Molly’s grandson.They were surprised to find out who my Mom and Dad actually were.We met Mike at the pizza parlor and after interdictions we all enjoyed the good conversation along with the good pizza.We departed with everyone felling they had made new friends and had shared a good evening together.We continued to ride with Susan and followed Alex home.As she pulled in the driveway I noticed that Mom’s car was in our drive but Dad’s wasn’t there.I assumed he was working late again. I couldn’t help but thing about what James had said about Mom needing a good fucking.As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t get my mind around the idea.As soon as Alex and the others walked in the house they all began to remove their clothes.I followed their lead and kicked off my shoes as I pulled my shirt over my head.Everyone else had stripped and I was watching Alex and James stroking each others cocks as I pushed my pants and shorts to the floorand kicking them aside.Kay walked over, wrapped one arm around my neck and locked her mouth on mine, sucking my tongue into her mouth.She reached around with her other arm and pushed her fingers between the cheeks of my ass.She took a firm grip on the end of the butt plug and pulled it about it half way out.There was a little discomfort but it also causes my cock and balls to tingle causing me to moan in Kay’s mouth.She then started pushing it in and out of my ass as I felt my cock grow until it was pushing against the hot, wet lips of her pussy.Then I felt her other arm around my neck but the plug was still sliding in and out of my asshole.I felt Susan’s arm go around my waist and pull me back a little, causing my ass cheeks to push back toward her.I could feel her full tits push against my naked back then I felt her warm breath on my ear, “How do you like me fucking your little shit hole” she asked, then flicked her tongue around the inside of my ear. I pulled my mouth away from Kay just long enough to tell Susan, “ I would never have believed it but I love having you fuck my ass.”“You are such a nasty boy,. wanting me to stick this toy up your dirty shit hole.Are you ready for the larger one now?”I didn’t even break the kiss this time, I just nodded my head..Susan pushed the plugback into my ass thentold me, “Kay can take you to her bathroom and you bothcan clean up and put the larger in your asshole while we take James with us and we can all meet in our bedroom in about thirty minutes.It’s a little late and we all have to get up early tomorrow morning.We want have a lot of time tonight but we will have enough time to have a little fun.”Kay immediately grabbed my hand and we headed to her bathroom.She quickly gathered everything she needed for our enemas.She told me we could just lie across the toilet stool and save a little time.Once Kay had pulled the plug out and filled my gut with the warm water she had me set on the stool, telling me to hold the water as long as possible.Kay straddled my legs and set on my lap.She pulled up real close, pushing her pussy against my lower stomach.She had that little evil grin on her face, “Dad hasa nicknamefor Mom and me.He calls us the name as a joke but it is kind of true.” Her smile broadened, “He calls us piss sluts”she said as I felt the warm liquid splash against the top of my cock, running down my shaft and scrotum. She rose up until the stream of piss was hitting my bellybutton.I placed my hand in the stream and wet it, front and back. As I relaxed my ass and allowed the water to shoot out, I raised my hand to my mouth and licked the slightly salty and just a little bitter liquid off the back of my hand , thumb and index finger.I held it up to Kay and she started passionately licking and sucking my hand.She started moaning and rubbing her pussy against my stomach..I think she actually had an orgasm.Kayput her arms around my neck, looked me in the eyes and asked, “Do you thing you could love and some day merry a piss slut?”I licked out my tongue, smiled at her, “Just call me your little piss licker.She let out a scream, gave me a big hug and kiss then told me to clean up and get my ass off the stool while she got the enema ready for me to use on her.She was back in a couple of minutes with the enema tube and a bottle of lube.She dropped to her knees and leaned over on the toilet stool.She gave me step by step instructions on what I should do.I soon had her gut filled with the water then she set on the stool.She had me kneel down between her legs and she took my cock and held it up to her pussy, aiming the head directly at her clit“Piss for me my sweet piss licker, piss onmy clit for me baby.”I took a beep breath and relaxed as much as I could.Finally, there was a little squirt, then another and another then a solid stream was splashing against her clit. I could hear the water splashing in the toilet bowel as it squirted out of her asshole and I’m sure everyone in the house could her as screams of pleasure.We both had enamel with about half the amount of water next time, then we showered and Kay filled my anal passage with the larger butt plug.We kissed, then walked naked down the hall to the master bedroom.



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