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    savouring his warm人妻出轨合集500篇最新

    After my first gay experience with Ryan yesterday I had barely been able to focus on even simple activities, my parents noticed when I took myself to bed early that night in order to rub one out to the feeling of Ryan’s cock in my mouth. I had told my parents I would like to go to the beach the next day, although I didn’t reveal my true motives they were more than happy to agree and we decided to head down fairly early. So I woke up with my normal morning wood but I decided I would keep my reserves for Ryan later, I had a shower and all that usual morning stuff before dressing for the beach. Normally I would use beach shorts but since I planned on getting frisky I stuck to the same light green Speedos I had on at the water park. The beach was only a short walk and we were soon there and set up, I spent some time with my parents so they wouldn’t be suspicious of anything but I soon went for a swim and they stayed behind on the towels. After a short time I started to head towards the beachside café we had agreed to meet at, my heart was racing a million miles an hour and I hadn’t even seen him yet. I had waited there for perhaps ten minutes and began to think I’d never see him again when I felt a hand squeeze my ass from behind, I spun around to find Ryan smiling behind me. He flung his arms around me and pulled me in for a kiss, it was busy around but I didn’t care as I slid my hands down his strikingly tight and skimpy swimsuit. We pulled apart but remained in a loose embrace, our hips pulled in and his hands on my ass, I could feel my cock get excited already. His cock was outlined perfectly by the tight material, and his ass was almost on full show with just a thin triangle of material which was sinking between his firm ass cheeks. “Hey babe” Ryan said with his face flush and a wide smile.“I dreamed about you, fuck you look even hotter today” I said running my hand over his abs as I was taking in his Adonis body again.“I couldn’t stop thinking about today, are your parents out of the way?” he asked as we walked away from the many eyes of the café and towards the less busy end of the beach putting the young families and bulk of people behind us and out of sight as the beach curved.“They won’t mind me going off, I do this fairly often” “You go off with guys and give out blowjobs often?” Ryan said, laughing as he shoved me playfully and I went careering into the water making him burst out in more fits of giggles.“No, get lost!” I said splashing out of the water, “you were the first time I’ve done anything, with anyone” he took my hand as I spoke and pulled me close, kissing me softly and running his hands over my wet body.“Fuck you look so hot when you’re all wet” he said before brazenly leaning down to lick my hard nipple.“Ryan!” I gasped as I pushed him away, the exhibitionist inside me excited yet not wanting to attract too much attention. “If you like me all wet then follow me babe” with a turn I walked towards the water, swaying my ass seductively and looking over my shoulder giving him a wink as I caught him looking. He broke into a run and I playfully fled before letting him catch me in his arms when we were at about waist deep level. “Oh my hero whatever can I do to repay you?” I said putting on a damsel in distress voice as Ryan held me over the water.“I can think of a few things” he said, pulling me into a tight embrace as we made out, there weren’t many people around so I wasn’t scared when he grabbed my cock through my Speedos which were hidden just below the water and began running his hand over my meat. I was throbbing hard and completely lost in him when I felt a cold rush on me cock as I realised ryan had pulled down me swimsuit and my cock had sprung up out of the water. Before I could protest he had grabbed my cock and began jerking, the feeling of his gentle grip and the flowing water caused me to break our kiss and throw my head back in pleasure.“Fuck that feels so good” I moaned, the fact we were doing this in the open adding to my excitement. As he pleasured my cock with his hand he began teasing me with his mouth, using his teeth to tug on my earlobe and kissing down my neck. It was all I could do to hold my hands on his firm chest as my moaning got ever louder. Ryan suddenly firmly kissed me on the lips muffling my moans and I realised a swimmer was heading our way yet he continued to stroke up and down my shaft, I was enjoying it far too much to stop him. My heart beat quickened as he approached, I couldn’t help but groan loudly as Ryan used his fingers on my tip. I thought we’d been caught but the swimmer passed us by and I gasped aloud. “I can’t believe you carried on” I said between heavy breaths.“I couldn’t leave your cock unserviced could I?” He said as he upped the pace of his jerking. Just as I was about to blow Ryan stopped and dropped to his knees, his head and neck just above the water. I stared down in lust as he reached his tongue out and rolled it over the tip of my cock. He took my hairless balls in his hand as he moved from licking the tip to the shaft with me running my hands through his shaggy black hair as I encouraged him.“Wow baby don’t stop with that talented tongue” I gasped as he brought me close to the edge in moments, “fuck I’m going to cum” I groaned as I felt his lips over my cock as I shot my cum into his mouth as I gripped his hair and held his face on my cock. I felt his tongue coated in my cum swirl around my cock as he slowly pulled off, savouring his warm, wet lips on my shaft. He stood up and pulled me into a passionate kiss, sharing my cum between us and holding me close. “I think you’ve done that before” I said still euphoric after my first blowjob.“I’ve never made a guy cum so much” he replied as he swallowed the remainder of my cum, “fuck you taste good” he moaned as he wiped some cum from my cock. As he finished tasting my cum I ran my hand over the huge bulge in his Speedos feeling his engorged head almost tearing through the thin fabric which was sheer thanks to it being wet. “Now I think I’d better return the favour” I said watching him moan at my touch, “I think this big cock deserves some serious attention” I pulled his Speedos down and watched his almost 9 inch meat spring up and slap against his abs. I had lost any nerves of being in the open now as I began sliding my hand slowly up and down his shaft as I leaned in to kiss him, his soft lips sensually embracing mine. Ryan wrapped his arms around me, holding me close and moaning softly,“Mpff fuck” he moaned under his breath as my fingertips felt the bulging veins in his cock. As I worked my hand over his cock he let his hands drop from my back to my firm bubble butt and slipped his finger between my cheeks until it was prodding at the entrance to my tight hole. His finger was wet from the water and my cum but it was still tight. “Relax babe” he said softly in my ear as he pushed his first finger inside me. I moaned softly, loosening my grip on his cock as he started to slide his finger in and out, my tight hole and discomfort quickly turned to pleasure. “Damn you’re so tight James” he told me, “have you ever played with your ass?”“Yeah but I can only fit two fingers in” I said returning to pleasing his cock with one hand and spreading my cheeks with the other, giving Ryan better access as he reached around. My cock had quickly hardened again and I used Ryan’s ass to push our cocks together between our bodies and began grinding. He smiled at me, complete lust in his expression as we started to make out again the soft smack of our lips being drowned out by the sea. I could feel Ryan’s cock throb against mine so I pulled away from him. “Oh no I want a proper taste first” I said and gave his exposed tip a quick suck before taking him by the cock and leading him back to shore, our swimsuits still down so my cock was bouncing with each step. Almost everyone had left for lunch by now so the beach was quiet giving Ryan the perfect chance to slip his finger in my ass as we walked, whilst my hand gripped his cock. We stopped at the water’s edge and he pulled me into a kiss as the waves broke over our feet, I had never felt more horny than then, had anyone cared to look they would have seen Ryan pull his finger out of my ass an sensually put it in his mouth and moaning softly. After finally pulling our swimsuits back up do cover our raging hard delicates I took Ryan, this time by the hand, over to a set of portable toilets at the back of the beach. Rather than go inside we walked around the back so that they were blocking the view from the beach. Once out of sight I immediately dropped to my knees and pulled his still erect cock out taking a slow, teasing lick up the shaft but stopping just short of the tip.“Ahh fuck, you dirty tease” Ryan said moving to grab my head. I batted his hands away though as I continued exploring his shaft with my mouth, feeling the thick veins on my tongue and leaving it wet with my saliva. I licked down to his balls and took them into my mouth one by one, working my lips over his hairless sack as he guided my hand onto his cock and I started stroking to his obvious pleasure. “Damn it that feels amazing” he said with my hand gliding loosely up and down his cock spreading my saliva over the tip. I felt his engorged tip under my fingers and I couldn’t hold back any longer.“Fuck I need you in my mouth” I moaned standing up quickly to kiss him before bending over and sliding my lips down six inches of his cock and began bobbing up and down using my tongue around the tip to Ryan’s moans of approval. I was so lost in swallowing Ryan’s cock that I didn’t hear what Ryan heard, footsteps heading towards the toilets,操美女 so I kept my moans up and dutifully slid his cock down my throat. Just then Ryan grabbed my head and held me still, half his cock in my mouth and out of my peripheral vision I saw a young boy peer around the toilets and stare right at us. I panicked and tried to pull off Ryan but he held me there as the young boy was now stood plainly watching us, eyes wide and mouth agape. Ryan then gripped my head and shoved his cock down my throat making me gag loudly before thrusting in and out fast.“Oh fuck baby I’m going to cum” he groaned before holding his cock all the way down my throat and blasting his sweet, warm cum shooting burst after burst down my throat. I pulled off his cock as he finished shooting, catching the last few shots on my tongue and savouring the taste, I could feel his heavy breathing matching my own as he came down. “Fuck that was amazing, that cute boy saw the whole thing” Ryan said as I cleaned his cock, “you like my cum as much as I like yours I see” he chuckled as I stood up to kiss him with his cum still on my tongue and I wrapped my arms around him in an intimate embrace. We stood kissing for a while, his impressive soft cock hanging down between us making my sizeable member seem small, turns out he was a grower and a shower. “That was so hot with that boy there” I said as we broke apart, “did he look excited?” I asked with wild fantasies going through my head.“There was an obvious tent in his cute ‘lil swimsuit” Ryan said, seeming with the same fantasies as me. I pulled his Speedos back up, leaving a sweet kiss on the tip of his flaccid member and we came out from behind the toilets to find the beach busier than we left it, with everyone having come back from hiding in the shade with the sun at its peak. We stayed on the far end of the beach, away from anyone who knows either of us and found a place in the sand running our hands over each other and making out, Ryan even slipped his hand into my Speedos and pulled my cock out with people walking by, fortunately no one gave us a second glance. I found out Ryan had been with two guys before but he had never fucked them, I couldn’t help but get hard when he whispered in my ear the things he wanted to do with me. Time passed quickly as we got lost in each other’s passion and people were soon leaving again. I was sat straddling Ryan, his cock out and my swimsuit pulled down so that his erection nestled between my plump ass cheeks as I subtly rubbed my ass up and down and lay forward on his chest kissing him deep like the most romantic porn ever when I saw passing us by the young boy from earlier.“Guess who is looking again” I said to Ryan sitting up so he could look.“Damn he is cute” Ryan said, licking his lips subconsciously, I could feel his cock throb under my ass. I had to agree with his cropped blonde hair with a stylish flick on the fringe, his tanned hairless body was also a turn on and I could see a surprising bulge in his swimsuit. I happened to catch his eye at that moment and immediately kissed Ryan like he was my boyfriend, taking his face in my hands and working my ass on his cock. “Cum for me baby” I whispered into his ear as he moaned and grabbed my ass, squeezing it and helping me grind on his cock. I kissed him as his cock throbbed under me but kept watching the boy who was stood only a few metres away with his hand on his bulge, rubbing it slowly. Ryan grunted as his cum shot out of his cock and covered my ass, landing on my cheeks and filling up my crack.“Mpff fuck James your ass feels amazing” Ryan moaned softly as I slowed my grinding on his softening cock. I kissed him again before sitting upright, looking directly at the young boy. My eyes shot open as I realised he had taken his cock out and was stroking it, it looked to be at least as big as Ryan’s and he had two hands pumping rapidly. I winked at him and reached down to scrape some of Ryan’s cum off my ass and slipped my cum covered fingers into my mouth, moaning audibly as I tasted his sweet cum for the second time that day. Suddenly the boy stopped jerking as rope after rope of cum flew out of his cock arching high in the air before landing on the sand. I stared in wonder as he put his semi back into his swimsuit leaving a clear bulge and stain, he was now blushing bright red making him seem even cuter as he turned away, heading quickly down the beach. Ryan was laid back with his eyes closed so he had missed all of the show I just enjoyed, I lay forwards on his chest with my lips right by his ear and whispered the whole thing to him in a sultry, sexy tone that had him sexily biting his lower lip as he imagined it all. There were still a few people around but I didn’t care if they saw my cum covered ass. All too soon Ryan said he had to go and find his friends and I reluctantly got off him and pulled my Speedos up creating obvious marks as Ryan’s cum seeped through the thin material. As we were walking slowly back down the beach Ryan reached his hand inside my swimsuit and groped my ass then to my surprise pushed his middle finger in my hole and started working it around. Needless to say I was very turned on as he discreetly played with me and I couldn’t help but gasp when he rubbed against my g spot.“You know around the edge of this cove is another beach, a nude beach” Ryan told me as we neared the café we met by earlier.“That sounds – ahh – like fun” I replied, cut off by Ryan’s fingering. He giggled at my struggle and pecked me on the cheek.“How about we meet there tomorrow?” “I… mmm, I can’t wait” I mumbled as Ryan worked his finger in and out. He gave my ass one last squeeze as he pulled out before pulling me into a passionate kiss, his hands massaging my face and back softly.“I’ll see you there, how does eleven sound?”“Eleven is perfect” I said smiling as he left, my eyes glued to his firm behind. I headed back towards my parents but found they had left their spot and I would make my own way back home. That suited me, especially as Ryan’s cum was still visible on my Speedos, not to mention I had a bulge that just wouldn’t go away. I would make some excuse up to wash them myself, and I figured I would make them a bit sexier for the next day, although much of it would be spent nude!


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