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    show Allie to her room人妻厨房出轨上司hd院线

    Allie smiled as she felt her husband cock begin to spray her insides with his creamy cum. She felt his thrust, and then his weight fall on her after he was drained. He rolled off of her breathing heavily. “Happy Anniversary, baby,” he said as he stood up and headed to the shower. Allie lay on her bed, her husband’s semen dripping from her used cunt. She smiled as her fingers dipped into the sticky goo. Her mind wondered back 13 years ago…Allie was a college sophomore in a small Georgia town. She was a softball star and planned a career in Sports Medicine. Allie was also the focus of every guy on campus’ wet dream. She stood 5’6 120lb. Her blonde hair flowed to her mid back, her sea blue eyes sparkled when she smiled. Her body was one of a goddess, perky 34B breast accented her muscular torso, and her round heart shaped butt left guys watching her as she walked by. Unfortunately for the guys, Allie had little time for relationships or even casual sex. She was on a strict scholarship. She had to maintain a B+ grade average or she would loose it and she knew her family could not afford to send her to school so her studies and softball came first. So to satisfy her sexual urges, Allie used her computer. She found a sexy little website that offered sexual stories. Soon after finding the site she decided to join and begin to meet people. After some time, Allie met a nice, older lady from Pennsylvania that she really enjoyed talking to. Cindy, the older lady, lived on a large farm near Gettysburg and would tell Allie stories of her, her children and grandchildren. Allie soon became very fond of Cindy and her stories. They talked several times about how wonderful it would be if Allie could come to their farm and spend some time. One morning a week or so before Spring Break, Allie received an email confirmation from Delta Airlines. It was for a round trip flight to Pennsylvania. She thought there was a mistake, and called the airlines to correct it. To her surprise, the airlines confirmed the flight had been paid for by Cindy. Allie got excited, Cindy had told her she was going to give her something special, but it was the internet, and every one lies on the internet. Allie quickly logged on to their website. Cindy was not online but had left Allie and offline message, telling her what she had done and told Allie she would not take no for an answer. In Allies inbox was another message from Cindy telling her that she would be at the airport to pick her up. The next week or so crept by for Allie. She and Cindy talked daily about their plans. Allie called her parents and informed them she had practice over spring break and would not be coming home as first planned. Allie hated lying to her parents, but she knew they would not approve of her wild haired trip. The departure date finally arrived. Allie’s room mate, Kym, drove her to the airport. The flight was pleasant, and when the plane landed Allie’s stomach was full of butterflies. What had she gotten her self into? This was not like Allie. She had always been conservative, never took chances, but yet she was in Pennsylvania, about to go to a ladies house whom she had never met, except on the internet. This lady could be a serial killer, worse yet, she could be a fat, smelly creep who pretended to be a woman and would rape or even kill her once he was done. She took a deep breath as she exited the plane. As she walked down the ramp, she was in deep thought. She hoped, if Cindy was who she said she was that she would not mind that she had not really dressed to impress. She had on a pair of sweat pants on and a t-shirt. She had pulled the legs of the sweats up to mid calf; her pedicure feet were in a pair of Nike sneakers. As she approached the terminal, she took a deep breath. Allie stepped into the terminal and she spotted Cindy right away. She was relieved. Cindy looked just like the pictures in her profile. She was an older woman, but her body looked much younger. She was wearing a floral skirt that went just above her knee, a white blouse, and sandals. What caught Allie’s eyes were her breast, they were huge, compared to her own. With Cindy was her granddaughter Kayla. Cindy had told Allie about Kayla. She was 12. Cindy was right; she was as cute as a button. Her petite, athletic body showed signs of puberty. Inside her Aero Tee she had two small mounds on her chest, she had on a pair of cotton shorts, and her tanned legs led down to her flip flop wearing feet. Her face was angelic, cute and innocent, with a light sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Her big brown eyes and long brown hair fit her perfectly. As Allie approached, Cindy touched Kayla on the shoulder and they moved toward her. Cindy and Allie embraced like old friends. The embrace lasted several minutes as they exchanged greetings. Cindy introduced Allie to Kayla as they turned and headed toward the parking lot. The ladies talked as they drove to Cindy’s farm. Soon, Cindy turned onto a long drive and told Allie they were home. Allie looked around. Cindy had described her farm to a T. Green pastures framed the long drive. The pastures were the home for cattle, horses, and sheep. As they pulled up at the two story farm house dogs barked, welcoming them home. The house was huge, Allie thought, as they entered the big wooden door. Large luscious rooms filled with unique furniture the kitchen had a huge refrigerator, two ovens and a large dining table. “Kayla sweetie, show Allie to her room, while I fix us some lunch.” Cindy instructed her granddaughter. Kayla’s small hand took Allie’s and she led her up the stairs. As they walked down the long hall way, Kayla announced the room owners as she passed the closed doors. At the end of the hallway, Kayla opened a door. “This is your room, Allie. It was my mommy’s before her and my daddy got married.” Kayla said in the sweetest voice. Allie walked into the room. In the middle of the room was a huge feather bed with four posts. Beside the window was a wooden wardrobe to where she could put her clothes. Allie sat her bags on the bed and began to unpack. Kayla helped her. When they were done, they headed back down stairs to the kitchen where Cindy had lunch ready for them. As they ate, Cindy told Allie that her grandson’s would be coming by later. Allie was excited. Cindy had told her about her grand son’s. They both had fantasized that she and one of them would fall in love and get married so she could join the family. After lunch, Allie retired to her room for a rest. Allie’s eyes opened. It took her a minute to recall where she was as she looked around her strange surroundings. She rose and walked down stairs. As she approached the bottom step, she heard what she thought was moaning coming from the parlor. She slowly moved toward the moaning. As she reached the open door, the moaning became louder. As she looked inside the parlor, he mouth dropped and her pants moistened. Kayla was lying on the sofa; he legs spread wide open and sticking up in the air. Between her legs was Cindy, also naked. Allie could tell that Cindy was licking her granddaughter’s pussy by the way her head was moving. Allie watched in amazement. Unconsciously, her hands moved up her stomach and her hands found her breast, she moaning softly as her fingers pressed her hard nipples through her shirt. She watched as Kayla’s young legs wrapped around her grandma’s head, her fingers were entwined in Cindy’s blonde hair, as her little ass rose from the sofa. Allie’s eyes moved up Kayla’s body. Her small mounds were topped with eraser sized nipples. Her areolas were a light lighter brown than her tanned torso. Allie stepped closer and the sweet smell of sex filled her nostrils. She slowly pushed her sweats down her round buttocks and toned thighs and kicked them off her feet as she walked. Her shirt was the next to enter the pile of clothes beside the coffee table. In her panties she approached the two lovers. She knelt down, still undetected, and lowered her mouth on Kayla’s small tits. When her mouth touched the young girls breast, Kayla jumped slightly then realized what was happening. “Oh Allie, so glad you could join us”, she said breathlessly. Allie sucked on the young tit; it was so soft and smooth. Allie’s hand moved to the other. She gently pinched the tender nipple between her finger and thumb. The pleasure was too much for Kayla. He little butt rose higher off the sofa, and her back arched, pressing her breast harder on Allie’s sucking mouth. “Oh Grandma, I am cumming”, she said in a high pitched scream. Cindy continued to suck her granddaughter’s cunt until she felt a strong flow of girly cum hit her tongue. She lapped the juice, before rising up and smiling at Allie. Kayla fell limp on the sofa, her breathing staggered. Cindy moved to Allie. Allie lowered her head and kissed Cindy. The two women kissed passionately, their tongues explored each others mouth. Allie moved her hand to Cindy’s tits. She had longed to touch them since they had started chatting. They felt so firm. Her large nipples were as hard as granite. Cindy moaned as Allie explored her body. She soon broke the kiss. “Allie, you are so beautiful. Let’s get you out of those panties.”Allie lay on the sofa, where Kayla had been. Kayla hooked a finger on one side of Allie, and Cindy the other. They slowly pulled the sheer fabric away from Allie’s hips. The fabric was clinging to her due to the wetness that had accumulated between her toned legs. As the fabric peeled off her wet mound, Kayla gasps. Allie was as bare as she was between her legs. The panties were tossed into the pile. Kayla moved between Allie’s legs. “You smell wonderful Allie; I bet you taste even better.”The next thing Allie felt made her see stars. She felt Kayla’s young but skillful mouth envelope her clit. She felt her tongue probing at her pouty lips. Cindy rose to her feet and straddled Allie. She lowered her dripping cunt down. Allie stuck her tongue deep into Cindy’s velvety canal. Cindy was very wet; after all she had just sucked her young granddaughter to an orgasm. Cindy lowered until Allie could barely breathe, but breathing was the last ting on Allie’s mind. Kayla inserted her skinny finger into Allie’s tight wet pussy. Her fingers worked back and forth as she continued to suck and lick her clit. Allie moved her hands up Cindy’s thighs, rubbing them as her tongue roamed her slick, sweet lips. Cindy began to grind her hips against the skilled tongue of her young visitor. Simultaneously, both Cindy and Allie reached their climax. Allie’s pussy squirted her girly juice all over her 12 year old lover. Kayla lapped at her now sensitive area until she was clean. Cindy almost drowns Allie as her cum flooded over Allie’s face.After a few minutes of rest, Cindy stood an exited the room. Kayla crawled up into Allie’s arms and they both drifted off to sleep… Allie’s memory of her first visit to Cindy’s was interrupted by Jeff, her husband. Jeff was Cindy’s middle grandson. He kissed her goodbye and headed out the door to go to work. It had been 15 years since that glorious day that Allie had come to the farm. Although she had not stayed the first time,97视频 she spent each spring break and parts of her summer break at the farm until she graduated from college. Soon after graduation, she and Jeff had married and she officially became part of the family, as she and Cindy had wished. Allie had enjoyed so many sexual pleasures at the farm. She had fucked Cindy and Kayla numerous times as well as each of Cindy’s children, both sons and her daughter, all five of Cindy’s grandsons, and even her husband.Allie moved out of bed, as a glob of Jeff’s cum fell from her freshly fucked cunt and ran down her leg. She walked to the bathroom and turned on the tap to the tub. A year after Jeff and Allie had wed; Allie gave birth to a healthy set of twins, Jake and Adam. They were her pride and joy. She sank into the tub and began to wash. The twins were normal 12 year old boys and loved living on the secluded farm. The rarely wore clothes, and although twins each boy was unique. Jake, had his mom’s blonde hair and blue eyes. His was fair skinned. He was fit as a fiddle. Both boys learned to swim as infants, but Jake had taken to the water and was now a star swimmer on the recreation departments swim team. Adam, the oldest by 3 minutes, was like his dad. His dark hair and brown eyes proved he was his father’s son. Adam’s love was baseball, which thrilled his mother. He was a member of a travel team that took them all over Pennsylvania and Maryland playing baseball. Allie got out of the tub and dried herself with a towel and slipped on her robe. She left her bedroom and walked down the hallway towards the stairs. She knew the boys would be up soon and would be hungry so she was going to fix them some breakfast. As she approached the boy’s room she heard Adam groan. Curious Allie leaned against the wall beside the door. From where she was standing she could see her boys from the reflexion off the mirror attached to their chest. What she saw was shocking. Adam was lying back on his bed while his brother was on his hands and knees between his legs. Allie could see Jakes head moving up and down. Allie brought her hand to her mouth as she gasp. “That feels good Jake; you are doing it just like Mom does to Daddy.”His hands were on Jakes head as he began to pump his hips driving his preteen cock into his brother’s mouth.“I can see why Daddy likes this so much. It feels so much better than jacking off.”Allie slowly let her hands slid into her robe. It excited her so much to know that her boys had watched her suck their fathers cock. Allie and Jeff had never hid their intimacy from their sons, but they had never just done it in front of them. Clothing was optional in their house, it was not anything unusual for all four to sit and watch TV in the nude. Allie was startled as she heard commotion in the boy’s room. “Dammit, Adam, you could have warned me that you were fixing to cum. You know Daddy always warns Mom.”“Sorry Jake, it felt so good, I forgot, Just wait you will see. Now you lay down, I want to try.”Allie watched as her sons traded places. Jake lay back. Allie gasps at the size of his adolescent cock. It was hard, standing straight up. She didn’t realize a little boys cock could be so big. It was at least 6 inches, and he is still growing, she thought.Adam wrapped his fingers around his brother’s cock and stroked it before putting his mouth over the head. Allie looked between Adam’s legs. His cock was not as big as his brothers, probably about 4 inches and fat. It was slowly growing rigid again as he now had half his brothers cock in his mouth. Allie was surprised at how skillful her son was. He must have been watching her for a long time. Before long he had his brother’s entire cock in his mouth and as his head rose, she saw the shaft glistening with his saliva. “Oh fuck, Adam. This is better than jacking off.”Allie watched as Jake’s head leaned back and he began to pump his hips, feeding his cock to his brother. “Here it comes, get ready, AAAHHHH”Adam too heeds to the warning and moved his head quickly. Jakes cock shot a wad of cum up into the air, landing on his stomach, after that another then another. Adam stroked his brothers cock until is was done. “Come on lets go play a video game” Jake jumped up and both boys headed for the door. Allie dashed into their bathroom beside their room so they would not see her. The rest of the day went on as usual. Around 6pm, Jeff returned from a long hard day on the farm. As he entered the house, Allie met him, still in her robe, with a beer and a kiss. He drank the beer swiftly and took another longer kiss. His callused hands moved inside her robe and massaged her perky breast. “I will go prepare you a bath; dinner will be ready by the time we are done.” Allie said, taking him by the hand and leading him up the stairs. They entered the bathroom and Allie let her robe fall. She knelt down and turned on the water as Jeff undressed. She held his hand as he stepped into the tub. She climbed in after him. She reached between her legs and lined his hard cock to the opening of her slit. She slowly lowered herself down his cock. As she moved her hips up and down, she washed his upper body while telling him about what she witnessed his morning with the boys. Retelling the story got her extremely horny and before she got to the ending, she was splashing water all over the bathroom floor. She gripped Jeff’s shoulders as her orgasm washed through her body. As her pussy walls clinched tightly on Jeff’s cock, she felt him begin to fill her with his cum. The pressure of her being filled increased her orgasm. Once both were coming down, she laid her head on his chest. The two got out of the tub and dried. Both put on their robes and went to dinner. The next morning, Allie was awakened by Jeff’s cock snaking between her legs. She had been lying on her stomach and her husband was entering her from behind. She rose her hips up to give him access. He laid his hands on her hips and began to pump vigorously. Allie was moaning as Jeff fucked her. The bed squeaked and the headboard was banging against the wall. Allie looked back at her husband to encourage him to fuck her hard, but saw two little heads peeking inside the door. She didn’t say a word. The reality of her sons watching her get fucked this way put her over the edge and she spread her cum all over her husband’s hard cock. Her juices gushed out of her pussy as his cock continues to pound her. Allie loved morning sex. Jeff always lasted longer in the mornings before he had his morning pee. She felt Jeff ram his cock hard inside her. He grunted as his cum escaped his cock and was entrapped in her waiting folds. Jeff withdrew quickly. She felt him lay his slimy cock on her ass. Then what she felt was a surprising pleasure. She felt warm liquid shooting up her back. She lowered her hips a little to allow it to run down her back. As the warm liquid flowed between her crack, past her anus and onto her swollen lips the sting put her into another orgasmic bliss. When Jeff was done he showered and kissed her good bye and went to work. Allie got up and stripped the wet sheets, and put them in the wash, then took a shower. When she was done, she dried, but did not put on her robe, and walked towards the boy’s room naked. As she got to their door, she heard her boys talking. She looked into their room and saw them lying on their bed, both stroking their cocks.“Adam, you think Mom would ever let us fuck her like Daddy does.”“I sure hope so, she may be out mother, but she is smoking hot. Did you see her pussy? Man it was pretty. It didn’t have any hair on it. It was much prettier than Aunt Kayla’s”“When have you seen Aunt Kayla’s pussy?”“Last Christmas, I walked in on her at Grandma’s house.”The boys just lay their slowly stroking their cocks. “Jake, will you suck my cock again? I need to cum and jacking off isn’t working”“Hell no, you cummed in my mouth yesterday, I am not going to let that happen again.”“I wont this time I promise.”Allie had all she could take. She slowly stepped into the boy’s room. Both boys rushed to hide their erect cocks. She slowly walk toward them, she could feel their eyes scanning her naked body. Her nipples were so hard they hurt. She walked to the bed and reached and quickly pulled the covers back. “MOM!” the boys screamed in unison. Allie climbed on the bed. She sat on her knees between them. Slowly she took a cock in each hand and slowly began to stroke her sons’ cocks. The boys looked at each other in amazement as their Mom stroked. Allie shifted and lowered her head; with out a word she put her mouth over Adam’s cock. She allowed a drop of spittle to leave her lips. She watched as it hits her son’s cock and spread. She lowered her mouth and engulfed his cock. With the small size she took the entire length in her mouth. Once her lips touched his lower stomach she raised up and turned and repeated the same with Jake. Jake’s larger cock was not as easy as the tip entered her throat. She closed her lips and raised her head. She smiled at them both. “Adam, baby, Stand up in front of Mommy, ok?”As Adam stood up, Allie straddled Jakes cock, lowering her wet pussy on her son’s 12 year old cock. “No fair, I am the oldest I should fuck you first” Adam protested.Allie placed her hand on his smooth bottom and pulled him closer. She opened her lips and sucked his cock into her mouth. As she rode Jake’s cock, she sucked Adam’s. Jake put his hands on his mother’s ass and gripped it as he watched his cock disappear. When it reappeared it was covered with her vaginal lube. He slowly began to meet her thrust and was soon fucking her like a pro. Adam took each of his mother’s nipples in between his fingers as he began to pump his cock in her mouth. Allie felt both boys cocks begin to harden and knew both would cum soon, but she wasn’t ready. She pushed Adam away, and moved off of Jake. She lay on the bed with her legs opened. “Adam, you want to taste Mommy’s pussy?”Adam nodded. “Well get down there and get at it. Jake honey, suck Mommy’s titties”Adam moved between his mothers legs. He really didn’t know what to do, but he lowered his head. He could smell a strange but pleasant smell coming from her pussy. He slowly moved his head closer. When he stuck out his tongue and touched it, his mom moaned. He thought he must be doing something right so he repeated his actions until a tangy sweet juice began to flow. “Lick Mommy’s juices my big boy”Jake lowered his head on his mom’s breast. Her nipples were extremely hard. She moaned loudly as she felt his warm lips wrap around her nipple and the suction increase. Allie was in heaven. One son between her legs lapping at her juices and the other nursing like he did when he was a baby. It didn’t take long and her orgasm was washing over her body. Her body began to tremble as her moaning increased. She closed her legs tighter around Adam’s head feeling his tongue snaking between her lips. He pressed Jake’s head against her breast as she felt his teeth sink into her areola. Her back arched, her breathing intensified. She screamed as her body erupted. When she came back to, both boys were looking at her worriedly. She smiled and explained to them what had happened. She looked and both of their cocks were still rock hard then she remembered that they had not cum yet. Then she had an idea. “Don’t move I will be right back.” Allie got up and went to her bedroom. She went to the night table and got a tube of lube. Then she headed back to the boy’s room. She jumped on the bed. She told Adam to lie down on his back and he did so. She turned to Jake and squeezed some of the lube on his cock.“Mom, what is that?” Jake asked.“My young lover is lube. You need it to fuck my ass.”“Your ass?” “Yes baby, I want you to fuck my ass while Adam is fucking my pussy, ok?”Allie straddled Adam and slowly inserted his hard cock into her cunt. His eyes widened as he felt his cock slide against her velvety walls. She lowered giving Jake access to her ass. She felt his lubed head touch her rosebud. Inexperience set it as be began jabbing his cock against her pucker ring. She reached back, holding him still, she took his cock and pressed it against her ring. She moved back until she felt the head pass through her resitance. He placed his hands on her hips and began pumping into her ass. It didn’t take the boys long to get into rhythm. Allie closed her eyes as she had never felt so much pleasure. He mind thought the only thing that would make this hotter was to have Jeff fucking her mouth as her boys fucked her ass and pussy. Again inexperience set in as Jake could not take the tightness of his mother’s ass too long. Allie yelps as she felt his load splash into her bowels. He pumped like a rabbit, and then fell back. As if a sign, Adam’s young cock erupted inside her pussy. She smiled as she thought about her son and her husbands cum being mixed inside her. When Adam’s balls were empty, Allie rose to her feet. “You boys want some breakfast now?” She turned and headed for the kitchen. The boys just laid there starring into space.