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    changing footwear人妻互换共享4p闺蜜疯狂互换

    Neither having any intention of coming out, Daniel and Peter continued their relationship throughout the winter. At 15, they had fallen victim to the hasty attraction complicated by raging hormones. Yet, both knew that their sexual pleasure was only a part of the deeper love they began feeling for each other. They remained distant at school, only sharing quick, knowing glances. Those honey sparkles still melted his soul, and Daniel's piercing blue eyes ripped through Peter's heart like bullets.Being perhaps the more sensitive of the two, Daniel cherished most the intimate times they shared. Sex wasn't the point, although they continued exploring in that regard. More often than not, they just skated together on Lake George where no one else would know anything about them. Daniel had even convinced him to wear girlie skates, and was teaching him how to do an axel.Being so popular, town authorities had recently installed some lighting around the lake and the warming house remained open until midnight. Not only that, but outside speakers had been added so that music could be played, CDs donated by other skaters. It was mid-March, and both had agreed to meet at 10:00 on Lake George one Friday evening. They knew that Spring was arriving, along with warmer temperatures, and that their skating days were coming to an end. As he entered the warming house, Daniel wasn't surprised at the throng of people milling about, changing footwear, talking, laughing, also determined to enjoy the last days on Lake George. Moving his way around to find an empty place on a bench, he couldn't see Peter, wondering if he might not be there at all. His heart began to sink, until he felt a warm hand against his own. “Come on, Daniel. Over here,” Peter said as he guided him to a vacant corner, where they sat down beside each other. There was always something electric about Peter's touch, yet Daniel could feel that it was different tonight, but didn't quite understand why.They changed into their skates without saying a word, unusual for them, then skated out into the dimly-lit beauty of the lake. Loving the freedom of gliding along at slow or racing speeds, Daniel slid gracefully over the ice as he watched Peter struggle a bit, still getting used to the new girlie skates. The serrated tips that he wasn't used to occasionally hooked the ice, causing him to trip and fall. Daniel pulled up next to him and put his left hand around his waist. “You okay, Peter?” he asked. “I guess so, but I just don't want to fuck this up,” he replied with that exasperating frankness. Together, they skated side-by-side over the smooth ice, Peter working up his courage to try an axel. Letting go of him, Daniel said, “you can do this, Peter. I know you can.” He watched as Peter picked up speed, made his leap and completed the axel. While not worthy of Olympic gold and nearly falling at the end, he had nonetheless done it, managing to stay on his feet. “I told you! Try another!” Daniel shouted with pride. “No, one's enough for tonight. I don't want to ruin my perfect record,” Peter replied as he skated away.Something was definitely wrong. Daniel could feel it. He caught up with him and they skated together toward the pedestrian bridge that Peter had crashed into last December. “Remember that?” Daniel asked, pointing to the support post he had struck. “How could I forget?”Passing the bridge, they slowed, and Peter stopped, stepping off the ice and falling onto his back in the snowbank where he had landed. Daniel joined him and sat on his stomach as he had done then. “Pecker-eater!” he said. “Dick-licker!” he replied. An odd silence fell over them, and Peter unexpectedly wrapped his arms around Daniel, pulling him down to his chest in a crushing embrace. Nestling his face into Daniel's neck, Peter softly asked, “do you know how much I love you? I mean, do you really know?” Daniel was taken aback and concerned. Why would he ask such a question? “Of course I do,” he whispered, pulling Peter up to kiss him.Peter didn't respond, but rolled them onto Daniel's back, releasing his grip and sitting up in the snow next to him, knees drawn tightly against his chest. Daniel also sat up, and knew that his trademark fetal position meant that something was tearing at his heart.“Peter, what's wrong? You've got to tell me,” Daniel implored. There were a few moments of continued silence between them. “You still owe on a rain check. He's coming home for Spring break any day now, and you're going to fuck him, aren't you?” Peter asked bluntly. Daniel felt as though a dagger had been plunged into his chest. “Peter, I don't know if he'll even come to see me. Maybe he's completely forgotten about me, but I don't think so. He promised that he wouldn't, and I believe that. You've got to understand that he's not my lover … you are,” Daniel explained quietly. “I know that he's your boyfriend and you care about each other. I'm okay with that, but why do you need to have sex with him? How would you feel if I told you that I had a boyfriend, and that we were going to fuck tomorrow?” Peter asked, driving the dagger-point even deeper into his chest.Daniel had to pause and think hard about that for awhile. He had never really considered the fact that Peter had no equivalent in his life. “I guess I'd be jealous, maybe even angry, but as long as I knew that you loved me, and not him, it would be okay,” he answered. “In fact, what would make me sure of that is if I could be there when you were together. I would know the difference between love and something else right away.” Peter sat motionless, his arms wrapped around his legs, processing what he had just heard. Finally dropping them, he turned to look at Daniel in the hazy glow of the lights from Lake George. “Do you love me?” Peter asked. Daniel took him by the shoulders and pushed him onto his back in the snow. Leaning down, he kissed his lips more deeply than ever before. Breaking away, he quietly said, “oh, my sweet Peter. I love you so much it's likely to kill me.” Daniel stood up and pulled Peter to his feet. “We've got to get back to the warming house before it closes,” he said. Together, they got back onto the ice and slowly made their way toward the warming house. Gliding along next to each other near the middle of the lake, now empty of other skaters. Daniel could hear the strains of “Sailing” by Christopher Cross, one of his favorite songs, coming from the outdoor speakers. He reached out to Peter's hand and came to a stop,pulling him into a hug. “Daniel, I just don't know if I can stand sharing you,” Peter said. “If he even shows up, I can always say no. He's not going to rape me, you know. He'll understand,” Daniel replied. “But that robs you of something that's part of your relationship, and that isn't fair to you. I just don't know how to feel,” Peter explained.“Let's not worry about it right now,” Daniel said, and they sailed back to shore.Over a week had passed without incident. It was Saturday morning, and Daniel and Peter were watching a movie in Daniel's living room, sitting next to each other on the sofa. When the doorbell rang, they looked at each other, locking eyes. Daniel hesitated. “Better answer the door,” Peter said, turning off the movie.Daniel went to the door and opened it. “Morning, kiddo,” he heard. “Hey, Carter,” he said nervously. Carter entered the house, then took off his coat and boots. Walking into the living room, he noticed Peter sitting on the couch. “Hi, Peter,” he said. “Hi, Carter.”There was an uncomfortable tension in the air. Carter had not expected Peter to be there, and didn't quite know how to proceed. He looked at Daniel and said, “I'm home on break and just wanted to stop by to see how you're doing,” he began harmlessly. They looked into each others eyes, knowing there was more to it than that. “Have you come to redeem the rain check for your present?” Daniel asked. “No,18禁超污无遮挡无码网址” he chuckled, glancing over at Peter, “I was only joking about that.” “Well, I wasn't,” Daniel said with a hint of slyness as he wrapped his arms around him. Carter loved the feel of his tight embrace, yearning for his present. Daniel released him and sank to his knees, running his hand over his crotch. “You don't have to do this,” Carter said. Daniel looked over at Peter. Without saying a word, he simply nodded his head.Daniel smiled, and continued to massage his groin. As Carter's dick began to stiffen, he kissed and licked it through his jeans, grabbing his ass with both hands and squeezing his buns. “Oh, you tease,” Carter whispered. Daniel stopped playing with his ass and opened the snap of his pants, slowly lowering the zipper. He pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, lifting his feet so he could step out of them. Wasting no time, he kissed the crown of his hard cock, then moved down to the base. Gently fondling his balls, Daniel began a relentless tongue-lashing up and down the shaft, pausing to suck the head for a moment, then releasing it, only to continue tormenting him with his tongue.Peter sat transfixed, watching every movement. He wasn't jealous or upset. On the contrary, seeing his lover torture his boyfriend's cock, and hearing the slurps and moans, were making him crazy. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen, and his own dick was ready to tear through his jeans as he rubbed himself. As if in a trance, Peter got up from the couch and dropped down next to Daniel. Carter was already lost in unbelievable pleasure, his head back and eyes closed. When he felt a second tongue working on his cock, he nearly collapsed. Together, they gave Carter the first double-header he'd ever had. Daniel on the left, Peter on the right, they kissed and licked their way up and down each side of his throbbing cock. Taking turns, they pulled him into their mouths, sucking with youthful passion on his big rod. Standing in his boyfriend's home wearing only a sweatshirt and socks, Carter looked down at the two lovers slobbering on his cock, and it was more than he could take. Grabbing his screaming prick, he beat it furiously as Daniel and Peter put their cheeks together. “Ohhhhhhhhh, you little fuckers!” Carter grunted as he blasted four huge jets of boiling cum across their faces. His mind-bending orgasm continued as he pounded his dick, shooting another three rips onto them as his body quaked.Barely able to stand, Carter rubbed his cock over their sweet faces. Daniel took him into his mouth first, sucking the remaining mini-jets of cream, then shared it with Peter, who eagerly sucked out the last few drops. Now too sensitive for any more attention, and nearly ready to pass out, Carter fell back onto the couch, gasping for breath. He looked on as Daniel and Peter licked each others faces like puppies, interspersed with devouring kisses as they exchanged his cum with their tongues.Their own cocks raging, Daniel began to rip at Peter's clothes as he kissed him. Resembling two wild beasts, Carter looked on as they pulled their clothing away from each other, flinging it aside. It was like watching a surreal, forbidden strip-show; two young boys lost in passion, yet deeply in love with each other. Once naked, Peter fell to his knees and took Daniel's cock into his mouth, gobbling on it with drooling fury. Carter got up and stood behind Daniel, wrapping his arms around him. Leaning down, he again took in his sweet boy smell that drove him mad. “I want you to fuck me,” he said. Releasing his embrace, Carter laid down on his back. Hearing his request, Peter stopped working on Daniel's cock, now covered with his mouth juice. Daniel got to his knees between Carter's legs as he pulled them up. “Fuck me, Daniel, and Peter, you get on my face!” he demanded. Peter did as ordered, straddling his face and lowering his smooth ass onto his mouth. As Carter began his boy-butt feeding frenzy, Peter grabbed Carter's legs and pulled them back, watching Daniel position himself to fuck him. He brushed his cock head, soaked with Peter's saliva and his own pre-cum, against Carter's hole. Slowly, he rubbed it around the opening, then entered him with only the tip, stopping there to tease his aching sphincter, then pulled back out. Carter stopped licking Peter's ass only long enough to beg, “fuck me, already!” Daniel couldn't stand it any longer himself, and drilled into him fully, his small cock finding little resistance. “Mmmmmm,” Carter moaned as he felt the hard boy cock inside him. Not having fucked his ass before, Daniel was wrapped in a new thrill and wanted to blow instantly, but somehow managed to hang on. He started pumping into him, feeling the muscles squeeze his young dick. “Yeah, that's it, Daniel. Fuck your boyfriend ... fuck him hard, but I get your load!” Peter hissed as Carter dug his tongue into his little ass. His nasty encouragement sent Daniel's mind spinning, and he pounded into him, his balls slapping against his ass. Carter was reeling in pleasure, but needed two cocks in him at once. Pulling his tongue from Peter's chute, he replaced it with his index finger, jamming it into him as he took his dripping cock into his mouth. “Ohhhh, you bitch!” Peter yelped as his cock was engulfed and ass violated. Carter sucked hard as Peter rammed into his wet mouth, nudging his little prostate at the same time.The wild melee continued only a few moments longer. His body torn with bolts of orgasmic lightning, Peter erupted first, dumping a mega-load of sperm into his mouth. Carter sucked the cream gravy down as he felt Daniel pull out of him. “Oh, Peter, here it is!” Daniel gasped. Ripping at his cock as he withdrew, Daniel offered it to Peter, who leaned down and took it into his mouth. Torrents of thick cum shot into his mouth as Daniel let go of Carter's legs and grabbed Peter's head. “Take it lover … take it!” he groaned. They all collapsed into a smoldering heap; panting, moaning, totally wrecked. As they slowly recovered, Daniel rolled off of Carter's body onto his side, taking Peter with him. He spooned against him, perhaps closer than ever. “Do you still love me?” he asked quietly. “More than ever,” Peter replied softly. As they held each other closely, gently entwining their arms and sharing small kisses, Carter got up and dressed himself. Reaching the door, he looked back at the two with envy. He was a “switch-hitter,” something he had to explain to Daniel the first time they were together, remembering that with a smile. It may have its advantages; a little of this, a little of that. Yet, it's neither black nor white, only a shade of gray. Looking at Peter as he cuddled Daniel, their love for each other so visible, he thought to himself, ”you don't know how lucky you are.” “See ya, kiddo,”he whispered, closing the door behind him.